Global in a flat world

images.jpegI was very impressed reading the discussion on SystematicHR about how a “Global perspective” is just that, a perspective.

What I find so interesting about the topic, is that it points out a bit of an existential question, how absolute are your absolutes? [and as a geek I love these kinds of things].

For those doing business in the US, things like EEO classifications are non-negotiable and collecting information about religion is forbidden.  While in other countries the exact opposite is true.

When designing solutions to account for these kinds of complexities, you need not only understand the rules, and how they vary from location to location, you need to empathize with the reasons behind those rules.  Why are those legislative requirements put into place?  What does that mean for the people using the system and how they see the world?

To be able to use this information in a productive way, you need to invest, this does not happen by accident.

It is for this reason that I’m so grateful that we have a global customers and a global team.  Having a global perspective is not only a competitive advantage, it is an opportunity for me to challenge what I know and learn what I do not.

Our world is changing, business is changing and what we know to be absolute must change with it or we will find ourselves on the wrong side of the Darwinian conclusion.

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