Honor your gifts

I was recently in a work event where, for fun, we were reading our astrology based personality profiles. Some statements about us were accurate and some wildly off, there was wine, there was laughing, a good time was had by all (well except one co-worker that might have suffered long term emotional trauma with a profile that was clearly written by someone with anger issues).

As I was reading my profile, a colleague was visibly shocked when I agreed with the statement that I “had a great memory”. In the moment, I realized something important — many of us have been taught that verbalizing our gifts is arrogance.

I believe that is not only wrong, it is a huge problem.

Here is the thing, we each have a rich set of gifts AND a series of challenges. Being aware of them and openly acknowledging them is a first step to finding more opportunities to use those gifts to help others.

Like you, I aspire to be someone who elevates everyone and everything I come in contact with — of course I fall way short of this goal most days, but there are days — glorious days — when I know I have made a difference.

When I reflect on the times I get it right, I know it happens when I lean on my strengths to help others.


So I challenge you to quit hiding your gifts and start advertising them. Offering them up to support and help others. Share them openly and without reservation and welcome the same from others.

We aren’t just stronger together — when we combine our gifts we are unstoppable and let’s be honest, we need more of this in our world right now.