Get control of your inner monologue


Internal monologue’s are important.

They shape us more than we want to admit and we all have them.

The lionshare of these monologues are not helpful.  Most of us use these internal discussions to remind ourselves of shame and inadequacy.

What if you could use these monologues to help you? What if you could be intentional with the voice in your head, to help you be your best.

The research calls this priming.  Manipulating your remembering self to better impact the outcome of a current event.

I’m talking about simple things you can do to make yourself appear more powerful, that will actually make you more powerful.  Bringing out your absolute best self, the self that even you are not sure you can be.

If I could get you to take on a few habits in 2014 here are what I would wish for you

    1. Take up Power Posing.  Do this often.  Remind your body that you are powerful and in control (especially when you do not feel it).
    2. Invest in documenting your ambitions and reminding yourself of times you were most powerful
    3. Quit replaying the stuff you did badly, instead focus on moving forward.

As Seth says

Internal monologue amplifies personal drama. To the outsider, neither exists. That’s why our ledge-walking rarely attracts a crowd. What’s in your head is real, no doubt about it, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can see the resistance you are battling (or care about it).

You own your inner monologue, make it work for you.