Word for 2023: Enduring

A conversation with ChatGPT

Human: what do generousimpactfulpowerful and joyful have in common

AI: They are all positive qualities or characteristics that someone can have. They indicate kindness, strength, and happiness.

Human: what would be a similar word that evokes a sense of legacy

AI: A similar word that evokes a sense of legacy might be “enduring“.

Human: how would you define enduring

AI: Enduring is defined as lasting or surviving for a long time, especially despite difficulty or danger. It can also refer to something that has a lasting impact.

Start with Why

I have a few core “why” elements.

The first is a deep sense of obligation to not waste potential. I’m learning that this is a bit of a shared experience for many “first generations“; the recognition for the sacrifices made on my behalf and the long term modeling of a strong blue collar work ethic create this context.

The second is a deep belief that we can make work better, and that the time is now. I reject the idea that people are interchangeable and here to fit pre-defined hierarchical role definitions. I believe that we are each more than our jobs and that our ability to grow, adapt, change and learn belong uniquely to us.

Define the goal

My goal is to help create the context of work that brings individualized purpose and meaning. To shift the story we tell ourselves about why we work and to champion growth, diversity and agency as the path. To recognize that small changes compound and that both personal and organizational habits are the key to lasting change.

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Move through the discomfort

I had a lot of discomfort with this word choice, as I also recognize that enduring can be about pain and perseverance. I recognize that my own tendencies toward hard work and goal orientation can be a risk for my own wellbeing. I have many times experienced physical suffering from overwork and stress.

In short, I have a massive boundary problem.

I wonder if I will compound wellbeing risk with this intention. And yet, I think this is also part of my 2023 journey, finding the habits that build the enduring outcomes I want to create with joy and meaning. So I will embrace the awkward and the opportunity, and I will remind myself that showing up, being curious and learning are the tools that have served me well so far.

I know that 2023 is going to be a hard year, especially for those who are unexpectedly navigating job change, I want to remind us all that our impact matters and that the investments we make in ourselves, our communities and our work endures.

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