The Importance of Being Seen

I had the occasion this week to engage smart HR peeps on twitter to help me understand where they are landing on framing the future of talent management. As expected, I learned and I laughed – one of the reasons I don’t want to give up on Twitter, but I digress.

In all the talk about talent wars and “great” resignation/reset/reshuffle and quiet/quick quitting, I wonder if we realize that the real opportunity is right here in front of us. While it is true, worker expectations (and power structures) are shifting. The fact remains, humans wants and needs are same as it ever was, in a word Agency.

I had a few conversations this week that reminded me of the importance of being seen. When people feel really seen it unlocks greatness. When we are seen, we can contribute with the fullness of our gifts. When we contribute with our unique strengths we have a greater impact and feel good about ourselves. This is a kind of virtuous cycle that benefits everyone.

When I reflect on how we can find the opportunity in all this chaos around us, I realize that the real tools we need are both simple and complex. It is about fostering cultures where we value the individualized gifts and build authentic and trusted relationships to how we work.

The more that we open up leadership pathways to seeing the importance of human connection and job role individualization the more our working world will flourish – not just in the results of our work, but in how we value each other.

This is really great stuff. Let’s not miss it getting distracted by the click bait.

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