How I accidentally crashed a TEDx event

Had you asked me five years ago to describe myself, I would have told you I am a follow the rules girl.  In recent years I’ve been working to tone that down a bit, especially when it doesn’t serve me.

As luck would have it I have two excellent role models in this area, my husband and Amy.

So, yesterday when I arrived to the TEDx Bay Area Women event to find they had lost my registration, I decided to not let that dissuade me.

I stayed.

And it was fantastic (as I knew it would be).

An amazing  group of speakers covered a wide range of topics and passions including citizen science, preserving history, entrepreneurship, food, health, innovation, motivation, reinvention, art and community.

For those of us who are passionate about learning and sharing you really cannot do any better than TED.

If you are interested to see some of the conversation, you should check out the tweet stream at the TEDxBAW hastag.

Special thanks to Tatyana Kanzaveli for making this event happen and to SAP Labs for the hospitality.

Quit making time for the wrong things

Busy has become the rule these days.  For me, it often has replaced “fine” as the proper response to the question “how are you?”.

Busy, isn’t really a bad state if you are busy doing the right things.  Things that matter. Things that are important.

So how do you make sure you are working on things that matter?  You do this by being purposeful in how you spend your time.  You do this by having a plan.

But I’m too busy to have a plan you say.

I would respectfully suggest that you are too busy to not have a plan.

So make a plan.  No excuses.  Figure out what matters in your career and your life.  And then set some goals to make sure you are spending your time on what matters.

You will always be busy.

This year give up the fitness goals, go ahead and continue smoking and eating junk food, but get a plan for how you spend your time.  Don’t wait for January to figure this out.  Do it now.

It matters.