What’s in it for Me?

2683321458_12f0164cf8 We spend a lot of time at TalentedApps trying to think about what will make Talent Solutions actually work in real life.  We’ve come to believe that one of the biggest contributors to making a talent solution work, is to make them practical and easy.

Another important aspect, is aligning self-interest with your strategy.  There is no better motivator than self-interest, it’s self-maintaining and often free.

So the question should really be what do Employees want?  We recently heard that in the case of knowledge workers it is autonomy, mastery and purpose.

This means that it is quite important to make sure your talent strategy has a clear sense of how it will deliver these elements to every member of your workforce.

When you have aligned the need of individuals to feel good about what they do with their day, you will find the rest of your initiatives will be much easier to achieve.

How much time have you spent aligning the goals of the individual with the goals of the business? Did you really think that this would be better done by the individuals themselves?  You could leave that up to chance, but I would guess that your results might be dramatically better if you answer the question for your employees, “what’s in this for me“.

Just a suggestion.

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