I’ve seen the future and it RULES

 I have been contemplating a “starting kindergarten” post for some time but couldn’t get it together in my head. 

Evil HR Lady covered most of the things I wanted to talk about, on how the process made OnBoarding seem like a cake walk.  UpperVallyMom covered the sentimental side and shared my “why can’t we have an electronic schedule” woes on Twitter.


Then last night, I had my first “back to school night” experience.   After my initial reactions damn, it’s hot in here, and awww what cute art work the kids have done, I started listening to the teacher and I was blown away.  Not by the content of circle time, or the staggering amount of organization and creativity it takes to keep a room of kinders engaged, but by the fact that the teacher is going to set goals with the kids and the parents for the year. 

Really, serious goal setting in kinder.  It was like I had died and gone to heaven.   It’s well covered territory how passionate I am about goals, but I have to say that I had never thought about how they apply to my kids.  

What a great future we can expect with kids who are taught to set their own goals, track their progress over time and celebrate their accomplishments when the goals are achieved.

So hat tip to Ms. Chan and other teachers like her who are starting a tradition of excellence from the beginning. 

You rock my world, does my kid get an “A” now?  J

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