Time to stop talking about talking

Was listening yesterday, to the excellent radio show by Bill Kutik when he essentially asked “are people just talking about XYZ or are they really doing it“. 

Honestly, if I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard that about HR initiatives I’d be on my way to a college fund for my girls (and if I had a quarter for every time I have said “if I had a nickel” I’d be five times richer but I digress).

I’d like to say here and now, that this is just not true.  In fact a lot of companies are doing and not just talking.    Here are some of the things that leading companies are doing.







If your company is not doing but just talking, I recommend you start talking about things you are doing or better yet, start doing the things that you are talking about.

5 thoughts on “Time to stop talking about talking

  1. Though XYZ in this case was using Web 2.0 technologies, and I think David Ludlow of SAP (on the Radio Show) and you would agree that there’s still a whole lot more talking about that than doing.

  2. @Bill yes indeed. I was just trying to avoid making this sound like I was commenting about SAP since I think we can all agree that both ORCL and SAP are working to invest in these areas and have some ways to go still — I have strong respect for all my competitors in the Talent space.

    I also do realize that first we must talk about something to generate support (financial and personal) for these types of initiatives, it’s just that in HR we seem to talk more then we do and that can be frustrating (for me). We also are not as good at taking credit for what we are doing and what we have accomplished. This post was attempting to address both of those things.

    thanks for reading Bill! We now feel our celebrity status here at TalentedApps (and really isn’t that the real point?) 😉


  3. Three frogs sat on a waterlily in a pond.
    Two frogs decided to jump in!

    How many was left on the waterlily?


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