When LinkedIn Offers


I’m know you find this shocking, but when LinkedIn offered for me to publish on their platform I was like… you bet!

Even though I know you realize that what I don’t need is another platform, I have enough of those I’m neglecting.

Lucky for me, I did have a topic I was marinating and it seemed appropriate for that audience.

The topic is empathy.


A word I’m sure I didn’t know how to define when I was 8, but a quick spot check from my children confirmed they were very clear on the meaning (I guess I practice my content themes on them before I write, who knew?).

Anyway, go give it a read so it doesn’t feel lonely.

Why Empathy is the critical 21st Century Skill.

You guys are the best.

Cross Posting #FTW!


Advanced Reading if you are interested h/t John Nolt, Brene Brown and Patty Azzarello

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