A little help from your friends

shearsRingo was onto something *.  Friends make all the difference.  Of course, they are an asset in your personal life but I should tell you that they are also  critical professionally.

You need to have good friends close to you to watch your back.  Real friends that will tell you when you have something in your teeth, or a breath mint is in order, or maybe you just happened to accidentally freak out a whole group of people by coming to a meeting stressed out (for a random not-at-all-autobiographical example).

Lets face it, we all could be better and we all have our moments when a slight throat clearing from a friend, can make the difference between success and a disaster.

So, if you are like me, and lucky enough to have such good friends near, be thankful.  If you do not have these types of relationships, consider making them.  Turns out, having friends at work is an indicator of engagement .  So you can call it an investment in your own retention.


*Yes I know that John and Paul wrote the song

4 thoughts on “A little help from your friends

  1. Nice post… and yes everyone knows that regardless of who wrote the song… Ringo is everyones favorite Beatle!


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