Word for 2022: Joyful

Like most of us 2021 was a pandemic blur for me, a year of progress and power for sure, but not one to tempt the fates with prediction or intention. As we emerge into the new year with endemic clarity what also becomes clear, is that each of us has to choose our own framing for our life story.

This is not a new state, this has always been true, we are not in control and we have no power to predict the future. Not the distant future, but the next week/tomorrow future. In this knowing, there is freedom and clarity. What we must do is focus on how we react and how we impact. This choice is ours, and something we should seize with purpose and intention.

So as we roll into 2022 I am taking the moment to express my intention to focus on the joy. I will live the moments that present themselves to the fullest, and adapt to those taken away. I intend to recognize that I’m above average in adaptability and that fortune favors the flexible. I will remind myself of all the things I have to be grateful for, first among those are you — the family, friends and community that I am blessed to know.

Thank you for being the light that helps me find joy in uncertainty, and for inspiring me with your willingness to share your gifts. I am delighted to see how together we find joy in 2022. Let’s be honest, we’ve earned it!

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