The end of your rope is not your best self

frazzledAngry, Bitter, Frustrated, Upset, Losing.

These are not qualities anyone wants in their life.  No one wants to hire, promote or interact with people who have these attributes.

We all want happy, positive, winning people in our life.  It’s contagious and bringing more success near us is a good idea professionally.

When people come to me looking for coaching and they are angry about some specific outcome in their current career (terrible manager, skipped over for a promotion, under valued, over worked, pick your favorite one — they all apply) I have to tell them I can’t help.

I wont be able to help you achieve your best career outcome, when you are in such a state, as you are not your best self.

To bring about the best career outcomes you need to be your best self.  To be your best self you need to project success and optimism.  If you want to see a big change and things are at their worst, you must first get over it  or you will not be able to invite good things in.

Therefore your first action item is to bring joy and energy back into your life.  Take a vacation, get a massage, exercise, volunteer, call your family, give someone a hug, watch Megan Keeley’s video — do whatever it takes, but get your smile back.

3 thoughts on “The end of your rope is not your best self

  1. An inspiring post, Meg. I always try to follow quote “A smile is the lighting system of the face, the cooling system of the head and the heating system of the heart.” So always keep smiling…

  2. Oh my, this is so true. Having just come from a place as horrible as you speak into the bright sunshine of positivity and a team that works together and not against one another, life is now so amazing. My work was to leave a company that most ppl would dream to work for and find a more healthy situation for my career. It was the best choice I ever made for ME!!

    1. Good point Glenda — there is no one best place — there is the best place for us. I know what you mean about how collaborative team being like sunshine. It’s such an important piece of my energy, how working together is bigger than I can be on my own. Thanks for the comment!

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