Fail faster

Note: Apologies for lack of photo attribution.  I can’t remember where I got this from other than Facebook – which narrows it down[ not at all].

We hear people talk about this one a lot — about how success is really just evidence of working out what not to do.  It really is up to you how long that should take.

If you are an ambitious sort, then you should really strive to get good at failure.  Quit trying to avoid failing and start working out how to fail faster. 

Fall down, dust off, learn and move forward.

Making mistakes is a sign you are learning.  Making epic mistakes can even be a good thing (if they don’t happen at the exclusion of any success).   Instead of spending so much energy trying to avoid failure, how about spending a little time working out what you will do when you do fail.

How you will adjust and move forward.  It’s a much more productive use of time and it will get you to ultimate success faster.

Safe is a great place to be if you want to stay where you are.  It’s comfortable and it’s nice.  It rarely moves you forward to your full potential.

  • Safe does not teach you new skills.
  • Safe does not encourage others to give you new challenges, or see you differently

I’m not suggesting that everyone should move away from safe. I am suggesting that when you choose safe you are making a choice that is away from growth.  Quit pretending you are not making that choice and that others are failing to give you chances.  If you want new opportunities you must give up the safe and embrace the chance of failure.

Brave is not the absence of fear — brave is being afraid and doing it anyway.

The choice is yours.

5 thoughts on “Fail faster

    1. Apologies for taking so long to reply — I will comment more fully on your blog but I think you misunderstand my POV on failure. Failure does not mean quit, it means getting it wrong and adjusting. That is often just trying something else to accomplish the same goal.

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