Who are you mentoring?

We all know that mentors and sponsors are key components for career progression.  We also know that while it might take a bit of courage, the key to getting a mentor is to ask.

What I would like to also point out is that, as a leader, you should make it a priority to mentor others.

Not only because it’s the right thing to do, and the equation breaks down if there are only mentees, but because mentoring makes you a better person.

Mentoring gives you a context and a focus you don’t get otherwise.  It moves you outside your direct management/leadership focus and helps you see the world from other perspectives.

If you want to find a mentor for yourself, if you want to be given opportunities, then you should realize that you have an obligation to be mentoring others.

So how do you make this happen?  It’s not exactly like there are t-shirts or stickers to advertise.    My recommendation is to first make the commitment.  Then, make your commitment known, to your team, to your friends and to your boss. Then help make it easy for people to ask.

There you go — you are now a mentor.  I look forward to hearing of your progress and how it has changed you.

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