Help… Please

When I was younger, so much youngerthan today…

OK, enough with the serenade… I’ve been thinking a lot these days, about asking for and offering help.

I’ve come to realize that most are reluctant to ask for help — and I’m noticing this has a huge downside.

In trying to think about how to help people become comfortable asking for help (read that one again, it’s deep), I think the trick is to focus on being more helpful.

So, I want to know: 

  • When was the last time you helped someone else? Is it something you are doing regularly? Is it a goal of yours?
  • How do you think you could become more helpful to others?
  • Do others think of you as helpful?
  • When was the last time someone observed you being helpful?

When you come to terms with the idea that to be your best professional self you will need help, you realize that someday you are going to have to ask. When you are a helpful person, it is a lot easier to ask others for help, since you already know that being helpful makes you feel good.  

Which brings me right back to the starting point…

There is a lot of help needed out there. To satisfy this demand, we need more helpful people in this world — time for you to start picking up the slack.

I look forward to hearing about your progress. 

This blog was originally posted on TalentedApps.

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