How are you holding yourself back?

I ponder this question a lot.  In fact, I initially titled this post “Are you holding yourself back?” and realized that everyone does and the real question is does it matter?

It matters, when you are holding yourself back from your own aspirations.

When I consider this topic for myself, I have been focusing on the question: where do I belong?

I find that I must first believe that I belong, or I will not allow others to believe with me.  The bold belief that we can be more than we are today — that is the trick.  This is what mentors and sponsors help us see… ourselves as belonging in contexts we did not before.

For those fortunate enough to have a sponsor do that for you, consider yourself blessed.  For those of us who have to work this out on our own, know this — you have everything you need to make this happen.

You are smart, you are willing to work hard, you have built a team to support you and you are working out your own personal career strategy.

I encourage you to give yourself permission to belong where you did not before, and help others imagine you in the role* that you now belong.  You will be amazed how far you can go when you quit holding yourself back.


*OMG are those cute kids or what?

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