Really? Another blog?

I know I know, I’m blogging less not more these days.

Why would I start a new blog?

I’ve come to realize that I blog about two very different things.  The first is closer to my work — technology, systems, human resources, organizations.  That is very clearly ideal for TalentedApps.

The second area is more about coaching, career advice and tips to finding your own personal leadership style, passion and direction.  This has always been just a little orthogonal to the TalentedApps charter, and I wanted to pull that into it’s own blog for the benefit of (hopefully) a different audience.

Oh, and I also needed something to put on my new domain that had a bit more value than a photo.

And thus a blog was born.

I’m looking forward to seeing where this journey takes me.  Appreciate you coming along for the ride.  It means a lot.