More Focused, Less Busy

You and I know that one of the things that defines me as a leader is my focus on the goal. I am relentless when I get my mind set on making something happen.

And yet, even I have times where I find myself being more busy than productive.

Busy is a state that is becoming my norm. Busy is rarely a productive state for me.

Ironically, I do not love the opposite of busy either. That, for me, tends to be boredom, which is not my thing.

So, as I contemplate busy vs. focused, I realize that the important piece for me is what I am busy doing and how I apply my focus to a useful and important goal.

Lately, I’ve been a bit out of balance in this area, and the result is not bringing forward the best of me. I have not been working from a position of strength. I have been surviving on [figurative] muscle and not winning by working smart.

I have decided to give myself a personal goal to skip the busy and bring on the focus. In order to do this, I will need to be better at deciding what I do and what I let go.

While I have a demanding job and I need to deliver, it is my job to set the priorities. Being too busy to think is not being the best I can, for my job or my life. I refuse to settle.

My new approach is to be more focused and less busy. I am taking back control and I am going to make great things happen.

Stay tuned.

This blog was originally posted on TalentedApps.

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