Time for a New Approach?

Ever notice how sometimes things aren’t working out as expected? For example, maybe you find yourself doing the same repetitive task over and over again or you realize that you’re just not finding time to do something that is quite critical (both examples completely random, and not at all autobiographical! 😉 ).

It’s at this time you should be taking a step back to breathe and think.

Maybe it’s time for a new approach?

As Seth said, our normal approach is useless here.

Perhaps this can be our new rallying cry.

If it’s a new problem, perhaps it demands a new approach. If it’s an old problem, it certainly does.

When you find yourself too busy to work out a better way to do something, you should see that as a warning sign that you need a new plan.

I have first-hand experience to know that the sooner you recognize the signs of when to apply more muscle to a problem and when to work out a whole new approach, the better you will scale, in your job and in your life.

Not all problems need a new approach — but the important ones often do.

Keep looking for ways to make it better, that is the secret.

This blog was originally posted on TalentedApps.

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