No Soup for You

About once a quarter, my husband makes the suggestion I should go into sales.

This is mostly based on his interest that I make more money, but it’s also tied to the fact that translating technology offerings into business value is something I do instinctively. And so it’s not a bad idea to want to monetize that better.

The problem with putting me in a sales role, is that I am a bit of a Talent Soup Nazi.

I have a strong need to see customers provide tools to make the lives of employees and managers better. Too often, I find customers planning to implement a painful or cumbersome process without understanding what managers need.

Having dedicated myself to building great tools, I can’t help but have a “no soup for you” reaction when people want to use my tools and don’t plan to actually make things better.

Managers need their talent tools to:

  • Better align the talents of their teams to the needs of the business.
  • Provide frameworks for critical conversations that bring out the best of their staff.
  • Show them how to get their team in the right roles based upon their strengths and passions.

I’ve said it before — software is only a tool — you must first have a strategy or you will not accomplish great things.

Get a great plan. Det a great tool.

Don’t make me take back your soup!

This blog was originally posted on TalentedApps.

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