What if they find out I’m a fraud?

I bet you think you are the only person who has moments of professional panic.  You wonder how you got to where you are, you have a sense that you will wake up one day and be found out as a fraud.

Guess what?

Everyone has days like this.  We all have moments when we realize we are not everything we project.  In fact, most of us do not have all the abilities we need to progress in our careers.

Those who succeed in business are not without these fears.  They are not even without personality and ability gaps.  The difference is that they have learned to work through it.

The sooner you realize that you are lacking in some areas, the quicker you are able to put a plan in place to fill those gaps.

So quit being uptight about it or worse, defensive, and instead come to terms with your authentic self.    Know your strengths and your weaknesses and find people to work with who have strengths you are missing.

Those who get the furthest in business are not without weaknesses, they’ve just figured out how to make those weaknesses less important.

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