Your greatest ideas wont last

I’ve been a bit behind on my list lately, but yesterday I finally saw the outstanding Matt Ridley TEDtalk called When ideas have sex. (and yes, I wish I had such awesome titles).

It’s all about innovation and how it is impacted by collaboration.   Not consensus, but collaboration, in the form of sharing and building upon ideas.

This confirmed my belief that, in an information age, companies that help build and reward information sharing are going to be the ones that retain competitive advantage.

The Individual IQ is not enough, you need to build a collective IQ that is deeper and better (and more sustained) than any individual.

This got me wondering about pivotal talent identification within organizations.

I have heard of companies tracking core competencies like “team player” and “flexible and adaptable” and even “collaborative”, but I have yet to hear enough people talking about tracking and rewarding people who share what they know (and what they don’t).

It seems that without the culture to share ideas, and build upon them in new and interesting ways, you are at a disadvantage.  The cool ideas of today are probably only going to be cool for a short time, but the doors to the future that they can open, might very well be limitless.

Don’t let your ideas run dry or your collective intelligence degrade.  Build a culture that makes new ideas thrive and organizational intelligence grow.

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