Are your positions constraining your Succession plans?

In talking to leading  customers we have found that there is an unexpected wall that many hit when doing a complete succession process.

Over and over again we hear of customers who started a succession initiative for key positions and quickly found that position-based succession too restrictive.

What ends up being needed, is a bit of a hybrid approach.  You often want to do succession for key positions in the very top tier, but as you get 2-3 levels below (or further) you really want to think in terms of pipeline and talent pools that can better represent the needs of the individual and the organization in the process.

The key is a flexible architecture, both in the software and the process design, to recognize where the inflection point is for your organization.  You want to apply the right tool [and process] to the right business problem.  When you get this wrong you find results are compromised.

Your succession planning should support your business not constrain it.

2 thoughts on “Are your positions constraining your Succession plans?

  1. Agreed. I would take it one step further and look at how talent pools, succession planning blend into the recruitment process and how internal recruitment is conducted. I have frequently found misalignment between these processes leading to employees who feel the talent program is not effective as the organisation tends to favour bringing people in from outside or looking within the location of the vacancy or some other practice that undermines the talent program.

  2. I cannot agree more. Often a blended approach is best. The point where you go from incumbent or position based succession planning to talent pools may vary from organization to organization (and also by country). But there is often a point when doing talent pools is the best way.

    Further a good integration between recruitment and succession should make it possible to have candidates in or CV database that is already screened for our talent pools. SO when the need arises we not only consider the pool, we also consider external candidates already identified. Every organization need some new fresh blood from the outside every once in a while.

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