In thanks of fathers

I'm the younger one.

In all my research on the rights and progress of women, I have noticed that a key factor is men.  Having strong men, who support women, makes a big impact.

I have been very lucky to have great men supporting me throughout my life.  The most important is, of course, my dad.

I feel very grateful to have had the unique experience of having been raised by a single father.  As I reflect on the men I have known in their mid-twenties, I can think of very few who would be up to such a challenge.  Having such a father, has set the gold standard in my world.

Being raised by a father gives you a very unique set of experiences, being raised by my father even more so.

While not a complete list, here are some experiences and learnings I am pretty sure are uniquely mine.

  • How to take seriously the “watch your step” advice, in that there might be nails, tools, paint supplies or various other projects going on in the living room, that could injure life or limb.
  • To be convinced that, while I was not keen on the idea of shooting a gun, learning how to remove the magazine and check the chamber for bullets, might be a useful skill.
  • How to not only change a tire, but also oil, points, plugs, etc. (and how to get a paying job such that you never have to do any of the above!)
  • That roller skates, trikes and bikes are perfectly suitable for use in the house, all you need to do is have a plan to re-do the walls when the children get older.
  • It is important to have a couch near the indoor swing and trapeze, so that kids don’t hurt themselves when jumping off mid-flight.
  • Sending a daughter out of state for college, should include matching Chilton auto repair manuals, so that you can point out page numbers of import when the car wont start.  Numbered photos of the car engine are also helpful.
  • You need not restrict yourself to traditional solutions to problems, instead open your mind to creative options like moving walls in the house, cutting off the feet on the jammies, painting the word “oil” and “transmission” on the respective caps with nail polish, etc.
  • Just because you have not been formally trained on something does not mean you cannot learn a new skill.  In most cases a library card and practice can get the job done.

For all of this and more, I would like to send my father’s day wishes to all the daddies out there.  Especially mine, who happens to be one of the only readers of this blog.

With love!

5 thoughts on “In thanks of fathers

  1. Very touchy !! I am glad, you shared …You father much be very proud of you as you are for him ! Love the picture 🙂

  2. Wonderful post, Meg! I could certainly learn some of the skills you listed above. Can I borrow your dad sometime? 🙂 Please tell your dad he’s remarkable!

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