What I believe

Just when I think I’ve seen the best TEDTalk I get a new favorite.  This one really worked for me, even with the jab at my favorite technology .

Seriously, quit reading this blog and go watch this TEDTalk.

It matters.

The law of diffusion of information is where we live and understanding why we invest our time in the cause of Talent Management vs. other pursuits is not about convenience or accident.  It is about what inspires and motivates us.

I believe that work is changing

I believe that business is changing

I believe making work better is a valuable goal.

I believe that recognizing the humanity and the potential of our workforce is a worthwhile purpose and I believe companies who get this right will have better business results.

This is what I believe.

What do you believe and what is in that for me?

2 thoughts on “What I believe

  1. I agree with and believe these things as well. I like how this TEDTalk’s view meshed with what “The Power of Pull” talks about the importance of passion to inspiring action. I think that so many companies overlook, ignore, or actively shut off passion for the same reasons as expressed in the diffusion of ideas itself. It doesn’t fit the “what” view of their business and they aren’t ready to see the change they have to make. Once a tipping point of companies show success around being driven by “why” and by passion, more companies will change how they see their business and the nature of work.

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