Ladies please stop [inappropriately] apologizing

As a mother of girls I’m highly sensative to female behaviors — those that I want my girls to exhibit and those I’d like them to avoid.  My rant today is about the inappropriate apology. I am sure that there are men who also have this annoying habit, but I tend to notice it in women.

So as a matter of public service I would like to call out those apologies that you should retain and those that you should drop

You probably owe me an apology if you

  • Run into my car
  • Step on my toe
  • Ruin my outfit
  • Say something mean to me
  • etc.

You do not owe me an apology if you

  • Call my house and the person you are looking for is not there
  • Want to ask for 5 minutes of my time to talk about something
  • Want to disagree with me about a topic or idea
  • etc

Whoever taught you that you need to apologize for your existence got it wrong.  Trust me, you have a lot of great things to contribute.  Don’t tell me to undervalue you.  It’s silly and it’s time to stop.

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