Sundance for Nerds

I am just back in the office after my first TED experience and a quick ski trip with the family.  There is so much to tell and frankly my brain is still absorbing and classifying all my thoughts (or at least that is what I keep telling myself as I have a series of very odd dreams each night).

I will say this, the event was all I had hoped and then some.  The talks were inspiring, mind blowing and thought provoking but the people were amazing.  There were people from so many different backgrounds, disciplines and ideologies who were inspiring in their own right.

I do expect to do a bit of a “best of” kind of post at some point with links to TED talks but right now all the ideas and topics are a bit mixed up in my mind (and only a few of the talks are posted).

I am pretty sure that I’m wrong when I say that what I learned from the talks were

Vaccinating bed nets with zero carbon emissions using video games, suspended animation, condoms and meat houses grown in e Coli, while playing the ukulele and farming sustainable fish with lasers.

So I’m going to take a little bit more time and attempt to work the above into posts that actually make sense, as well as to organize all the interesting tweets, links, etc. that I’ve put into a “save for later” folder.

You might find it interesting to read Scoble’s take on the event, acknowledging the elitist element.  I will also note I have already given away my phone in case you were still hoping…

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