Giving Back in 2010

This year I found myself struggling to define my goals.  This is very unusual for me.  Typically the process of writing goals is cathartic as it gets them out of my head and safely on paper.   A goal setting “writers block” was very puzzling and frankly a bit troubling.  As a result I’ve been working out what my goals for 2010 for about 6 weeks.

I have known for some time, I’m undergoing a bit of a personal transformation.  I’ve been looking at things I typically avoid and deciding if I am going to give myself permission to write them out of my guilt horizon or get a plan to address them.  I refuse to be a victim to the view that I can’t address something. I am going to decide that I will or I will not and become comfortable with each decision.  Guilt for what I am not working on, is not helpful to my journey.

As part of this self-discovery I have also decided that 2010 is a year I will focus on giving back.  While in the past I have defined my achievements in tangible products and deliverables, going forward I want to also be able to measure the impacts I have had on others at a more human level.

So, here are my items of focus for this year

  • I will give myself permission to take time for things that I have not before.  Spending time on things that make me feel good and bring forth my best self are not selfish, they are investments.  I will no longer feel guilty spending time and money on my appearance and my well being.  Both are important because they make me better.
  • I will continue to make time for relationships in my work.  If I have any professional regret in the past decade was putting too much emphasis on deliverables   and not enough emphasis on people and relationships.  I’m going to rework this balance.
  • I will make more time for mentoring and supporting others in their goals.  I am a great supporting cast member in the life story of others and yet I so rarely play any more than a cameo appearance.    This happens as often as not due to my own lack of confidence.  I am too inclined to downplay the role I have in helping others and I plan to stop doing that.  I am going to embrace the fact that I really care for people that I work with.  I love seeing them achieve and succeed.  That is unique and special and while atypical, it is my authentic self.
  • I will continue to share what I know and what I don’t. I have learned (mostly the hard way, that’s probably another blog) that my personal comfort with showing weakness and failing is not normal.  We are all so inclined to spend time hiding what we don’t know for fear that others will think less of us.  This works against us at many levels.  I believe that knowing what you don’t know might be more important than what you do.   I plan to continue to set a counter example that the trick to success is to get as much help as you can.  Knowing where you need help is the first step in that process.

There is so much for me to learn both personally and professionally.  There are many things that I need help to achieve, but there is also a lot that I have to give.  This year I will focus on the giving because I know that this is going to open more doors for me than any other strategy, and it is also the path that will help me be not only a better employee but a better person.

I wish you all a 2010 of growth, development and achievement.  What a great year this is going to be!

5 thoughts on “Giving Back in 2010

    1. Thanks for the kind words Dan. I am so fortunate to have people like you to help give me tips on how to grow, and a great team who help support me and keep me accountable. I am blessed for sure!


  1. I agree that this is a great set of goals. You often hear that the nice person finishes last or that it doesn’t pay to be altruistic in a work environment. I can’t wait to have you prove ’em wrong!

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