More value from goal setting

I know I’m always nagging you to start setting goals.  I am pretty certain I’m not actually converting anyone [yet] but somehow I feel I need to keep at it.

This week I stumbled on a personal goal I had set myself in 2006. The topic of the goal itself is not important, but what is interesting is the progress associated.

My status in Q4 of 2006 had some of the following text

Status => IN

I believe my progress in this area has been unremarkable.  … this is a good goal for me to continue to focus on but it is probably the hardest one on the list and its possible my expectations for this goal are a bit too high.

Interestingly this is still a goal I’m pursuing in 2009 and my Q3 status in 2009 on this goal was gushing with accomplishment, and I had even given myself good marks.

Understand, that the setting and rating of these goals is exclusively for my own benefit.  I do share these goals and statuses with others, but I’m fairly sure no one reads them (I send a lot of email and this one doesn’t have the words “action item” anywhere in the text).

The point is, that having goals (and progress) written down over time can be very rewarding.  It helps give you a sense of accomplishment and shows that some accomplishments take years.

Looking at your goals across the years can give you a better sense of what will work for you, and will help you make sure you are focusing your energy effectively.

I want everyone to have the opportunity to feel good about their accomplishments.  So do consider writing down your goals. It really is a good use of your time.  Feel free to thank me in a few years, when you find yourself reaching them.

5 thoughts on “More value from goal setting

  1. Good Post-

    Although I totally agree in writing down one’s goals is important-it is also important to review your goals from time to time-maybe every 6 months or so.

    What you enviisond and prioritized as a goal say 6 months ago for completiong NOW-may not “mesh” and synergize with your new reality today.

    Secondly, goal setting is not STATIC, just as people’s lives are not STATIC-your life and everyone else’s lives are constanlty changing, circumstances and events impact direclty our lives-and becuse such our goals, dreams, and aspirations change as well. This is perfectly OK.

    From my experience in providing goal setting and strategic planning for over 10 years now-it is my observation that too many focus on goals as a means to an end-when in reality, goals themselves should be viewed in the context of one’s entire life time-ever changing and evolving with one’s goals and aspirations at the moment.



    1. Agree Wayne. In fact I review and update my goals every quarter. Both to determine if they are the right goals and to evaluate progress. If I have a goal that is not making any progress for 2 quarters that is a sign that some introspection is needed for sure.

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