A thought about role models

3805440296_090547b368Lately I’ve been thinking about the fact I need more role models in my life.  Ironically, we don’t seem to talk about role models for adults, we think they are only useful for children.

I am guessing that this is a bit of a cultural bias, based upon the assumption that when we are adults we are fully formed into who are will be for the rest of our lives.  So first, we need to re-frame that world view a bit.

Like most people I see myself as evolving and growing.  Both in my job and in my life.

As I grow, I find that observing others who do what I want to do (and do it well) is a great way to pick up techniques and skills.  I do not need these people to be my mentor (in many cases I might not even need them to know I see them as a role model) I just need to be in situations where I can watch and observe.

When my oldest daughter was two and a half (and not yet in school or having a younger sister) she used to model others openly.  Once, when she was with the nanny at the grocery, she saw a little girl with her mom and said “hey, there’s a little girl, let’s follow her!”.

So if you happen to notice me following you at the grocery*, you just might be someone I am trying to use as a role model.  Just stay calm and feel confident, that you are probably someone I find inspiring and hope to become someday.  And if you happen to notice someone who is wildly successful and showing great polish in their personal presence send along their name so I can track down where they shop.


*Editors note: the Meg in a grocery is pure fiction, I haven’t been regularly in a grocery for years.

5 thoughts on “A thought about role models

  1. Great insights Meg. I’ve been thinking this week about the difference between coaching and mentoring and reading your post made me wonder if maybe a role model is a coach who doesn’t know they’re coaching. Thanks coach! =)

  2. I guess it’s natural that role models can have role models! 🙂
    Here’s looking at you kid, and thanks for being mine!! 🙂

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