Self-serving feminist or pro-diversity?

2735639664_05f2272192Recently I flew cross country (twice actually, long story) so I was able to catch up on my quality reading (People, US Weekly, Men’s Health, etc.).

Ironically, one of the topics that I read (Men’s Health) was about the advantages women have in the workplace due to our Venus-like characteristics.

The funniest part, was the accompanying photo of a woman, in a low cut dress, sprawling  on a sofa.  It really gave you a sense that the author was attempting to raise a nuanced conversation about gender differences in the workplace, but I digress…

I then came back to work and stumbled upon this outstanding presentation where a handy plug-in was being authored to replace that annoying

.. content authored by women, because the stuff that is made by women really, generally, isn’t as good.

Very reminiscent of the question what have the Romans ever done for us?  To which I say [incredulously].. oh… peace! …Shut Up!

The truth is that diversity, in general, is a good thing.  Different points of view and different perspectives and different skills are helpful and can make a team more effective.  When talking about women (something I know more about than other minority groups) you are also talking about [roughly] 50% of the population, at that point it’s not just about different skills, it’s about size of the market of total talent.

Consider the approach they took in Norway, mandating a [gasp] quota of 40% female participation on boards, and all without requiring photos of plunging necklines.

The truth is, diversity is best served when the organization makes an effort to protect against blind spots, and when minorities show themselves to be capable for the roles.

I feel privileged to work for a company like Oracle, that has made a real commitment to women in leadership.  I am also very grateful to be working at a time where awareness, opportunity and a voice are available to everyone.

I strongly believe that we live in a time where we cannot afford to squander any talent that is available to us, not if we want to compete in a global economy.  This is not an EEO issue, it’s a common sense business issue.

While I know that we are probably a long way off from a day where these topics are discussed without the sophomoric element, I say, if it takes a sexy-photo to get people to read an article on gender diversity… well it’s a step in the right direction.

So, Bravo Men’s Health.

2 thoughts on “Self-serving feminist or pro-diversity?

  1. Yes, Men’s Health, quite the coup.
    I can’t help but love that men have their own version of Cosmo that continues to:
    1. play into the age old stereotypes
    2. pressure everyone to feel their self-worth is based on how they look and, in the case of men, how much they make
    3. give the same pathetic advice again and again
    4. turn life into a decades long version of high school where all anyone should want is to be the cool kids.

    Oh patriarchy, is there no one’s life you can’t muck up?

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