Time to get moving

King-Julian-king-julian-3791723-252-329 Recently my team and I have taken the Strengths Finder test and are getting more familiar with our strengths and how to best leverage them.  Well one of my unique strengths is something called “Activator” which is essentially about inspiring others to get going.

A strong desire to see progress is hard wired into me and it is exactly for this reason I’m so passionate about goal setting.  It is very important to me to be working on things that matter.

Goals help me make sure I’m making progress on the right things vs. just making random progress on what comes into my path.

I was recently reminded by some smart people that there are other good reasons to start moving.

Penelope Trunk makes an excellent case about how making progress on something helps you actually make progress on a lot of things.  The success of accomplishment is something that helps you get down the path of success, and as most of us know good things come from good things.

Jason Seiden also made a great case for not being a quitter.  I especially like his final comment that:

A life of abundance begins with abundant action. Action is the antithesis of quitting. Action is the Energizer bunny.

Want to win? Take action.

So if you are wondering what to do, I suggest you find a passion, set a goal and get moving.  You’ll be happy you did.

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