Singing about unsung heros

5248_118082841822_665376822_2940468_5556490_nYou hear me bragging a lot about the great people I work with.  I’ve done it in blog posts, I’ve done it as Twitter and OraTweet statuses and I say it regularly in email and in person.

You probably already know that the people I work with are a  big part of my job satisfaction.  I love working with smart people.

They encourage me, they inspire me and they challenge me.

Today I am expressing supreme gratitude for having an outstanding strategic partner in the Quality Assurance group.

Those of you who have experience in creating software know, that completing a quality product is a complex task.

Those of you who have worked in Quality departments know, that it never quite works as advertised when you first get software delivered from development.  This can make for a stressful working relationship on the best of days.

I’ve worked with lots of great QA partners over the years, but somehow I hit the jackpot on this project.  My current QA partner is not only a smart person, she is a strategic problem solver.  So it’s never about blame, it’s always about finding a path to success.

I cannot tell you what a difference it can make when you pair up with a strategic talent in the quality function.  And the great news is,  not only does this make my job satisfaction better, it directly translates to a better end result for our customers.

If you have a chance to find a strategic person to help you with a complex project, I recommend it every time.  You will find it  less frustrating and the results will be much greater when you avoid problems before they happen.

Photo Credit: Angela Doyle

4 thoughts on “Singing about unsung heros

  1. Meg – I’m appreciative of your comments and I agree that taking a strategic approach to problem solving makes a difference. In addition, I would add that from my perspective, what also makes our partnership work is that it is based on mutual respect, trust and a shared responsibility for the quality outcome. As you say this should translate to a better end result for our customers.

  2. Yes I totally agree, a good QA partner is worth hers/his weight in gold. As pr4oduct manager I also often find myself working with QA to get Developers to understand whats wrong and why. I never have the problem with QA and understanding, they often gets it right away.

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