Meg the Centurion

1499739688_b2b35e65f6_mNo, I’m not a professional officer in the Roman army but I do happen to now have authored 100 blog posts and the ring idea was already spoken for.

I know, I can’t really believe it either.  I only got on this whole blogging idea as a result of a conversation with Mark where I concluded that he was bringing up a lot of great discussion topics that should be shared by more people than just the two of us.   We quickly recruited Amy to our plan, and, inspired by David’s why development should blog series, we started to look into what blogging was all about.

I still remember vividly, the horror I felt when Jake told us that, to do a serious blog, we needed to commit to having four posts a week of content.  That was just not going to work out with only three new bloggers, who also had day jobs.  Not to be defeated, we went into overdrive to recruit people to help take the pressure off. 

I also made a personal commitment to try to post a blog entry each week.

My first blog attempts, were often restating Mark’s ideas, as I understood them, but soon I started to get my own topics, voice and rhythm.

I have found blogging is something I really enjoy.  I have learned a lot, met a bunch of great people and had a focus for my thinking that I didn’t have before. 

My blog personality is just like me, opinionated, outspoken, open and contemplative (thanks Laura!) but with slightly less profanity and slightly more verve.

So thanks to everyone who has participated in this adventure with me.  From those reluctant bloggers who felt forced to join, to those related to me who felt obligated to read [and vote for] them, to those who contributed to the conversation.

I would even like to thank those who wrote less than flattering comments about me, who helped me, not only thicken my skin, but learn to be brave enough to not censor you (editors note – we have been consistent at TalentedApps in only censoring those who are clearly selling something or have been ruled objectively offensive.  The clueless and the mean are let through).

Like most bloggers who are not writers, I am surprised at how quickly I have learned to love to blog.  If you are not a blogger today, I  encourage you to consider giving it a try.  If you are not sure, drop me an email and I’ll give you more reasons why you should and some practical pointers on how to get started.

11 thoughts on “Meg the Centurion

  1. I am glad that you decided to (and keep on) blogging. Your posts are great to read. I look forward to more :).

  2. @Honeypiehorse – goodness no. The profanity is all mine. The nice word “contemplative” is credited to you. 😉

  3. Congratulations Meg! It’s fun being on this journey with you, and learning from your example! Your posts are, at the same time, insightful and entertaining, and it’s true how much your style has developed over time (even though I thoroughly enjoyed your early posts too!). Happy 100th! I anticipate we will not have so long to wait for the next century! 🙂

  4. I’m honored to be called out as an inspiration. 100 blog posts is tough, I should know I’ve been stuck in the 80s for a while now.
    (I’m referring to the number of posts not my fashion sense)

    Well done Meg.

  5. @Michael @Louise @David you guys provide more help than you realize in this process. Thanks for all the support.

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