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164505860_94fbfd0a84_mHave you identified your team?  Not the team you work with, the team who is going to help you achieve your goals?  I actually have several “Team Meg’s” who I consider extremely critical to my success.  

I hand pick those on the team based on what kind of help and support I need.  Do I need someone to help motivate me?  Teach me something?  Keep me focused?  Hold me accountable

My team makes that happen.  For example, I might realize that I don’t have the best grasp on (or respect for) grammar, and yet I love to blog.  No problem, my team has my back

You see, like most things in life, accomplishing your goal is easier with help.  Sharing your goals with others will focus your energy and keep you accountable, whether this is a performance goal, a fitness goal or a career goal, leveraging your friends and your network increases your chance of success.

Learning to share your goals first requires you to see the bigger picture and realize that you can have a much bigger impact and make much more progress when you learn to collaborate.  You might suggest I’m cheating, taking things that are hard and getting a lot of help to make them easy and I would say, exactly

No one said that you couldn’t get help, so why wouldn’t you give yourself that edge?

One of the biggest tricks to getting the right “team you” is to have a good sense of what you are good at and what you are not.  You might be surprised to find out that there are people you know who are good at what you lack. 

So I ask you, have you assembled the right team?  Are you sharing your goals with them so that they can help you?

6 thoughts on “Team you

  1. Making things better led me here. I lurk in your musings and you make ME better.

    Please join my HR Systems Survey team for a moment. This year for our 13th annual survey, I’ve reached out to the LinkedIn HR Technology board to ask “what is YOUR burning question” you’d like to see asked on our survey. I’ve got lots of responses and am attempting to incorporate. Do you have a burning question that could be answered by the 1000+ organizations that respond to our survey? If you get to me this week, I can address.

    1. Lexy – sent an email with some thoughts — thanks for letting me ask some questions. I hope a few of them make the survey in some form or fashion.

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