More on innovation — can you spot it?


 Mark did an excellent job talking about the strategic value of innovation.  

I’d like to talk about the personal side of the equation a bit.  That is the fact that it is more important to be able to spot a great idea than to have a great idea.


Well it’s really just a math problem.  On your own, how many great ideas can you really have?  Especially, if you believe that it’s really 99% perspiration

BUT…. if you are good at spotting and leveraging great ideas.. wow you can really do something with that skill to make a difference.

So, I’d encourage you to attempt to open your eyes to the great ideas of others that are all around you.  Consider how you can take those great ideas into your own life and how you could modify them to be better [for you]. 

Who do you know that is good at something you want to be good at?

How do you get close to that person to learn their great ideas, strategies, mannerisms?

The point is, that it doesn’t have to be your idea.  In fact, it might be a whole lot better if it is not.  It just has to be something you take action upon to have a useful impact.

Another moment that makes you go hmmm… 

Photo Credit Thomas Otter

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