Are you fully utilizing your potential?

funny-pictures-cat-shows-potential-by-blaming-things-on-the-dogAs often happens in Talent circles we spend a good amount of time thinking and talking about high potentials.  We review our high potentials, we define programs for them, we measure and monitor them.  What I don’t see us doing as much is turning the mirror around and looking at our own potential.  In fact I wonder how many of us, after getting out of junior high or high school, have even questioned how we are doing against our potential?

So I thought I’d ask, are you utilizing your potential as effectively as you should be?  Have you looked at your own job and aligned it to best support your strengths?  I have encountered so many people who find themselves overworked but still underutilized.  Why?

I think there are a lot of reasons that this can happen but what I don’t understand is why more people don’t take any action to correct it.  When you find yourself underutilized, it is often a sign that you are not managing your own career.  So how do you get out of the cycle of not being your best?

First you need to recognize what your unique talents are

Next you need to review your current situation and figure out what exactly is holding you back.

Lastly you need to put a plan in place to move yourself out of your inertia and into control.    Opening a dialogue with your boss or a mentor and get the support you need to be your best. 

I can promise you now is the time to be using your full potential.  It is not the time to just be going through the motions.  It’s time to be producing quality not just quantity in your life.

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