Are you worried about the wrong stuff?

meatballsI’m probably not alone in the need to remind myself that the problems I’m worried about most, are usually me looking at the small problems.

A great example was given on the Daily Show (yes, I get my news from the Daily Show and my humor from Fox News and/or MSNBC these days, but that’s an entirely different blog post) interview of Lawrence Lindsey . 

Lindsey gave some excellent examples about how our outrage at waste in the economic bailout, while important morally and ethically, is not substantive to the actual solution.   In other words we are focused on the small (1%) problem and not the big one.

So time to ask yourself what about in your own life?  Are you putting your energy on the big things or are you focused on the 1% noise?  I have to go old school on this one, and suggest to you that you listen to Bill Murray when he explains to you that it just doesn’t matterHonestly

Time to put your energy on the stuff that matters and let go those battles you cannot win.  When you decide what matters be sure to make sure that you’ve considered your perspective.  Narrow thoughts lead to narrow solutions.  Time for big thinking people.

2 thoughts on “Are you worried about the wrong stuff?

  1. How true! 6000 thoughts run through an average person per day and 95% of them are the ones we thought of the day before. Imagine what we can accomplish if we shift our energy from “noise” to the reall important “stuff”.

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