Job Seeker Mojo

mojoI’m sure I’m not alone in having close friends and family members with the unfortunate task of looking for a job.  Almost every day I’m see new information about job loss statistics with close to 1 in 10 being recently unemployed.

In the good news category, I’ve seen a lot of  great advice being offered to job seekers.  I’ve seen job openings being shared on twitter, I’ve seen recruiters coming together to help people find the scarce jobs.   There is a real sense of community going around.

There is a real emotional toll to all this.  I’m sad to be the one to say it, but the reality is that there are less job openings and more job seekers.    We economists call that a buyers market.  Being a good candidate is just not enough.  You need to have serious “job seeker Mojo“. 

After losing your job, you cannot afford to spend time wondering why this happened to you.  You have to dust yourself off and get your groove back.   Those who have job openings are not really going to be interested in hiring candidates who feel that life has conspired against them.  Hiring managers are drawn to Mojo.  If you aren’t careful, job seekers with Mojo will get your job.

It’s time to start looking on the bright side.  Specifically you need to

  • Get a plan for what you will do while you are looking for a job.  A long job search can be a red flag for a hiring manager.  Find something to fill your time that you can talk about during an interview.  Volunteer.  Give back.  Anything that will fill you with purpose and passion.  If I have a choice of hiring “Joe, the enthusiastic volunteer” vs. “Joe the mad at the world” who do you think I would choose?


  • Get support.  Find a group of people who care about you, that can listen and help you move past any rough spots.  If you don’t have someone who immediately comes to mind, consider someone in your church or a counselor.


  • Pace yourself.  Given the economic indicators, this is not going to blow over quickly.   Prepare yourself emotionally and financially, for a long cycle.


  • Master your elevator pitch.   There should be no doubt in your mind what your unique skills are and how any company would benefit from picking you to join their organization.  If you don’t believe it, why would anyone with a job consider you above the competition?

I know you can, time to show your depth of character and find your Mojo.  If you do, I’m confident you will look back to this time positively one day.

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