Becoming a better version of myself

obamicon1Thanks to Ken for inspiring me to challenge myself (by more than just his post),  I am ready to renew my commitment to change this year.

I’ve shared my trivia, my weaknesses, my passions already.  Today, on this day of change, I’m going to share one of my key personal goals.  The one that takes me outside my comfort zone the most.  It’s not really a new goal, it’s a continuation of a goal I set mid last year, but in 2009 I plan to put even more energy to mastering the art of personal networking

I’m not talking the easy stuff, like sending an invitation on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.  I’m great at that.  I’m talking the sticky stuff of [gasp] talking on the telephone or having coffee or even remembering your name.

It’s not that I’m a shy person, but I really am terrible at being in the moment with people.  I loathe breaking the  conversational ice with someone I don’t know.  I’m the person who will hide underneath a ball cap on a flight to avoid talking to you.  Don’t get me wrong, I probably want to talk to you (at least if you are someone interesting, if you are creepy please allow me to back away slowly) I just wont make the effort.  This is one part lack of confidence and two parts laziness and today, I resolve to do better.

I’m pulling out all the stops on this one people.  

  • I’m making a concentrated effort to initiate conversation with people I meet. 


  • I’m continually reminding myself to listen when you tell me your name (and to ask again when I’ve forgotten). 


  • I’m reading books that remind me that being in the moment is more important than the lists of things I’m going through in my head. 


  • I’m writing this goal down and sharing it with the world (at least the small subset of the world that reads this blog) to hold myself accountable.


  • I am allowing myself to “Act as if“, planning to fake this skill,  knowing that with deliberate practice someday it will become real.

This is a big step for me, I once quit a job that required personal networking.     I believe that mastering this skill is necessary to get me where I need to be (both personally and professionally) so I commit to you right now to become this better version of myself. 

Wish me luck!


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3 thoughts on “Becoming a better version of myself

  1. Kudos, Meg. There’s nothing more challenging or rewarding than self-improvement. As a self-described hermit, I sympathize with how hard it can be to simply start a conversation, especially when doing so is outside of your normal comfort zone. I also applaud your taking the additional step of making your commitment public. Change is hard, but done in secret, without the support of others is so much harder. I wish you great success. Oh and I’ll be watching as well as rooting for you! -Ken

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