Stressful performance review, the parent teacher conference

 I am sure I’m not alone in finding the whole idea of a performance review for my child much more intense than any I do for work.  Even more so when they are three since the ability to get “regular feedback” is spotty at best.

Me: How was your day

Her: Real good

Me: What did you do?

Her: Play

I’m pretty sure that there has been no biting or other such behavior, but other than that I have almost nothing to go on.  Good news is that she is not my first child and my expectations are pretty low for the whole process. 

When her sister had the first performance review, I realized that when you are paying to send your child to school (and assuming that on net your child is no worse than other kids) the teacher is pretty inclined to say nice things.  In fact, I got the sense that so long as my child didn’t set fire to the place, I wasn’t going to hear the bad stuff anyway.  What makes this review so interesting is that since this is my second child I find myself knowing very little about her.  At least not the stuff I knew about her sister.   

This child is not anxious to share what she knows for praise.  Her preferred strategy is to mess with you a bit to keep you guessing as to what she does know.   Are these just things she does for my benefit or does she confuse the teachers as well?  Do they think she cannot count to 20 or do they realize that she is messing with them when she decides to insert 7 after 9 and 3 after 11?

I guess I’ll be finding out soon, wish me luck!

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