Tip of the hat to Talent Management vendors

I’m just back from the HR Technology conference last week.  Another conference where I had no direct responsibilities, just listening and learning.  I have several posts coming to talk about some of the thoughts and learning, but first I wanted to say a word about the Shootout.

As you probably know the Shootout is the big event of the conference where several vendors are required to follow the same script to demonstrate their products.  Leighanne gave the specifics of the script here

All four vendors (Softscape, Salary.com, Authoria and Cornerstone OnDemand) gave entertaining and engaging presentations.  What struck me during the event was just how far, as an industry, we have come in recent years.  Across the board, I’ve seen every player mature and invest, and when that happens the customers win.  

I wont lie, I spend the majority of my days thinking of ways to do better than the competition, but I do want to go on record and say that I’m thrilled to have such excellent competitors

If we all can agree that the point is to help companies be more competitive in how they leverage their human capital, then, I think it must also hold true that these strides are good news for everyone

So a tip of the hat to Authoria for their victory and to all the competition in the Talent space.  We have all come a very long way and I think that speaks volume for the importance of our mission

To each of us I say, godspeed.

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