HR Departments you’re on notice!

I know I’m hard on you, I honestly don’t mean to be.  I just really tired of hearing, time and again, that the only way that HR has any influence on the company is when new leadership is brought in to lead.  I just know you can do better.  This is why I have to to put you “on notice” now.   I don’t want you to suggest that I didn’t warn you.  It is time to lead and if you won’t someone else will.

You must take a role in leading an internal social strategy in your organization.  Your company is currently deciding what their strategy is for social media and if you are not in loop now you might never be.  So why is it so critical for HR to be in the loop?

This is not just about the currently available pieces of enterprise 2.0, it is about the changing face of managing human capital and I can tell you with confidence, that if I see it coming it’s not far away. 

I am starting to notice that people are not defining talent as exclusively goal achievement and outstanding performance reviews.  They are beginning to see the world of talent in terms of


    • Knowledge producers
    • Knowledge sharers
    • Connectors
    • Workforce potential
    • Innovation
    • Agility

In other words, what human assets do you have that give you an unfair competitive advantage in your business?  In tight economic times this is going to be even more important.  If you cannot talk confidently about your workforce in these terms, then you are not giving the value to the business that they need. 

So I ask you this, what do you really know about your workforce?   Do you have a solid strategy to begin capturing this kind of information?  What about a strategy to leverage the knowledge against challenges facing the business?

OK, so now you know just how big this shift is going to be.  I suggest you find a way to plant yourself at the center of the solution quickly, or I expect I’ll be hearing another story about how hard it is and how nothing ever gets done. 

The game is changing people, how badly do you want to win?


With thanks to OnNotice generator

6 thoughts on “HR Departments you’re on notice!

  1. you mean all that nonsense about

    “value of offshore workforce”


    “outsource everything to reduce your overhead”


    “hire cheap, not smart”

    was nothing but a load of bollocks?

    I thought as much…

  2. This certainly smacks of “Truthiness” and thanks for sharing the “OnNotice Generator”!

    Enterprise 2.0, coupled with Integrated Talent Management, can unlock incredible value for companies. Having a complete, business-focused view of your talent’s existing capacity and your strategy’s needs as well as understanding where and how knowledge amongst your talent and within your organization is crucial in today’s environment. It enhances productivity and innovation as well as helping employees be more highly engaged since they are identified in the org and their contributions make them more relevant.

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