Lloyd is right, it’s time to decide to be in a good mood

Its been a great week for me.  One of those weeks where problems aren’t so big and smiles come easily.  I’m not saying its been an easy week.  In fact, far from it. 

I was out last week for some training and I’m completely behind on everything, my husband got sick, I had extra things to do at home, and I’m “in the thick of it” with my project cycle.    All stressful elements to my week and yet I have been happy.  In my happiness I somehow feel able to cope and in control of the chaos that is my week.

It made me realize just how much my mood impacts my results.  So I’ve decided that Lloyd was onto something when he asked the sage question:

Lloyd Dobler: Why can’t you be in a good mood? How hard is it to decide to be in a good mood and be in a good mood once in a while?”

Constance: Gee, it’s easy.

No, it is not easy.  In fact it takes effort, but when taken on balance with everything else that becomes easier I begin to realize that it’s the most important effort to expend. 

Here’s to finding our happy place, I hope you can join me, it sure feels good.

3 thoughts on “Lloyd is right, it’s time to decide to be in a good mood

  1. Hi! I was the guy all in black, sorry I did not vote, I wanted to after you asked but eh, I think the booth was closed . Thanks for your article with and for us!:D

  2. Oh you’re so right! Thanks for reminding me!
    Making the effort to look on the bright side really does help to make things brighter! 🙂
    It also has a positive effect on those around us, which in turn makes life better for us too.
    It’s a “win win” situation for everyone!

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