Wine me, dine me, make me write bad checks

While the title belongs to Dad, the story is all my own. 

As most of you know we are having our OHUG user conference this week in Las Vegas.  What you might not have known, was that this also Ravi’s birth week and since workplace worth is gauged by birthday celebrations, the team made a point to take him to dinner and celebrate. 

Now, being overcharged is not note worthy in Las Vegas, I was not really surprised to be charged $30 to have a bowl of oatmeal and a coffee delivered to my room.  Inflation is a reality these days.  Even the airlines are charging for luggage.  Cost of oil, low value of the dollar, unemployment rates, casinos need to protect their profits somehow.  I get it.  

While planning the event, [of course, done by Vivian*] we found we needed to have the cake delivered from a nearby bakery.  The restaurant (which I would never name) was kind enough to receive the cake and bring it over with candles after dinner, so we could all sing.  They then took it back and cut and served it with a very nice presentation, that included a rectangle plate and a cute chocolate squiggle design on the extra white space.  We all exclaimed at how great everything was and proceeded to enjoy a very nice cake.

After receiving (and closing one eye to sign) the bill, we all went back to our hotel, very satisfied with our pleasant evening.  We were thankful to Ravi for growing a year older and to OHUG for bringing us all together to celebrate.  On the way home, I began to puzzle about how our tab could be so large and decided to look more closely at the bill.  It was then that I found we were charged $15.00 EACH for that cake.   Not for the cake itself (we paid that separately), nor for delivery (we absolutely paid for that as well).  Nope, that charge was just to cut and plate the cake.

Not only did this restaurant rip us off for cake cutting services, turns out they also performed magic.  When Vivian asked them for the rest of the cake to take home, they said [with a straight face] that it was all gone.  Really?  You cut a square cake in 11 equal pieces?! 

I guess I should look at this that $165 + tax is a small price to pay to be reminded of caveat emptor.  I fully recognize I should have thought to ask about a fee.  I also believe that they should have mentioned a charge when we arranged to have the cake delivered.  In the end, it’s all fair I guess, since I got a chance to share my story on the blog. 

More proof that web 2.0 really does break down barriers.


*thanks again Vivian — you rock! 

2 thoughts on “Wine me, dine me, make me write bad checks

  1. Having enjoyed this cake, which defied the very laws of physics, and many others which Vivian has arranged for our team, I totally agree – Vivian rocks! Further, having worked with Ravi for the past two years I can say with complete honesty and without the influence of alcohol that he is worth the price of the cake, the cost of cutting and serving it, and then some. The restaurant on the other hand should go . . . . . well this is a family friendly blog after all so maybe I’ll let Meg have the final word on this subject! =)

  2. Its unbelievable they charge $165+tax to make this birthday a memorable event !!

    I am hoping to see birthday photos soon. Vivian can you help ?

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