8 Things You Hate About Meg

Okay, not really things to hate, but facts you didn’t really want to know anyway. Thanks to Jake’s experiment on a blog chain letter, I am now going to tell you eight things you didn’t know about me (probably for a good reason). 

  1. I’m sixth generation in the Bay Area.
    My grandmother’s family came out pre-Gold Rush and both my grandmother and her mother were members of Native Daughters of the Golden West

  2. I’m an expert in Bible trivia.
    While not a follower of any organized religion myself, I attended private school and had born-again Bible thumping parents for a period of about 10 years growing up.

  3. I have bought groceries with food stamps in my lifetime.
    Not a great experience, but one that does build character.

  4. I am writing this entry from Park City, Utah where I have been skiing for a week.
    I recommend Utah snow for anyone who is a “terminal intermediate” skier. I like to refer to the experience as “ego skiing.” 

  5. I have a job for which I am unqualified, at least in the technical sense.
    I’m probably not alone in that statement, but somehow I manage development teams while my formal training is in Business (Economics and Entrepreneurship). I had exactly one semester of anything even close to a computer class.

  6. I have never been to South America.

  7. I attended 10 different schools before completing K-12.
    This is even more scary when you consider I skipped a grade and 7 of the 10 were in the same town.

  8. I have a severe “sense of direction” disability which I overcome by memorizing a painful amount of information and taking a lot of U-turns.

So there you have it, eight boring facts about Meg. 

This blog was originally posted on TalentedApps.

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