8 things you hate about Meg

chainletter1.jpg ok, not really things to hate, but facts you didn’t really want to know anyway.  Thanks to Jake’s experiment on a blog chain letter, I am now going to tell you eight things you didn’t know about me (probably for a good reason) and then force others to do the same.   I’m not sure I know another eight bloggers that would be willing to participate, so I expect this is going to work exactly as those panty chain letters I often got in college, where someone I don’t know got a nice pair of panties and I got nuthin… but I digress and for this post that is saying a lot. So without any further stalling here are eight things you probably don’t know about me

  1. I’m sixth generation in the bay area.  My grandmother’s family came out pre-gold rush and both my grandmother and her mother were members of Native Daughters of the Golden West
  2. I’m an expert in Bible trivia.  While not a follower of any organized religion myself, I attended private school and had born-again bible thumping parents for a period of about 10 years growing up.
  3. I have bought groceries with food stamps in my lifetime.  Not a great experience, but one that does build character.
  4. I am writing this entry from Park City, Utah where I have been skiing for a week.  I recommend Utah snow for anyone who is a “terminal intermediate” skier.  I like to refer to the experience as  “ego skiing”.
  5. I have a job for which I am unqualified, at least in the technical sense.  I’m probably not alone in that statement but somehow I manage development teams while my formal training is in Business (Economics and Entrepreneurship), I had exactly one semester of anything even close to a computer class.
  6. I have never been to South America.
  7. I attended 10 different schools before completing K-12.  This is even more scary when you consider I skipped a grade and 7 of the 10 were in the same town.
  8. I have a severe “sense of direction” disability which I overcome by memorizing a painful amount of information and taking a lot of u-turns.

So there you have it, eight boring facts about Meg.  And now for the process of attempting to tag eight other bloggers… I tag Mark, Amy, Gretchen and Rich as those are the only ones I know that were not tagged by Jake in the first place, and I’m sure some of them have been tagged already… doh!

6 thoughts on “8 things you hate about Meg

  1. Hello,
    i start looking Oracle blog’s this week in order to understand more about people in this company as i am applying for a possition at Oracle.
    Really interesting to find so much of blogs and forums about people and company also.
    Believe people are th emost important asset so good to see different opinions and how open are people here in shareing their values.

  2. Rich, yes I saw your entry after I wrote this but its all good. Seems Mark, Amy and Gretchen are without excuses though.

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