HR Transformation — Are We Sick of it Yet?

I’ve been thinking about HR Transformation for quite some time and I’m starting to wonder how we can move on from HR transformation to “Beyond HR” when we never actually transformed in the first place. 

I have some concern that maybe we are just distracting ourselves to avoid actual measurement and accountability. Are we witnessing a real desire to change the role of HR or are we just a manifestation of Corporate ADD?

It’s an OD problem, no, it’s a recruitment (excuse me — talent acquisition) problem, no, it’s a performance management problem, wait, it’s a succession planning problem, no, I think it’s a web.20/community problem. And don’t even get me started on the idea that it might be an analytics problem!

The more I study this market and talk to companies attempting to truly transform their organizations, I come to realize that it is, and always was, a leadership problem. I know I risk a good ducking here, but I believe that chasing the latest software fad without real vision and leadership will fail. Not dissimilar to how a weight loss program that doesn’t involve diet and exercise will ultimately fail for you (it might work for someone else, but it will not work for you, trust me on this one!).

So, where to start and what to do? First and foremost, you need to find leadership. Hopefully you can find that leadership in yourself, but if not there, find someone who has it first. Once you have acquired the will to lead, then you can begin to benefit from the flywheel effect and realize results. 

If you cannot find the will to lead, I suggest you stop now before you spend important resources and energies on the hard part of a transformation (the starting) and never actually receive the benefits of the work. At the risk of stating the obvious, I also suggest you use the same philosophy for your holiday (or post-holiday) diet plan. 

Quit spending your time trying to find the silver bullet out there, you know that it doesn’t exist. Instead, first analyze your own capabilities and then look to see how you can use technology to implement your vision.

This blog was originally posted on TalentedApps.

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